MMJC students have two semesters to learn about journalism and communication.

Deadlines and deliverables can seem never-ending in a one-year condensed master’s program. Add on applying for internships, attending extracurricular workshops and networking, and I sometimes feel like I’m in a constant state of stress and anxiety.

The workload can easily become overwhelming.

It’s a snowball effect. You procrastinate one assignment and have to stay up late to finish it. But, you have another due in two days. You have to stay up again to finish that one, and then you’re exhausted, stressed out and probably unhappy with your finished product.

It’s surviving—not thriving—and this year, I’ve found it way too easy to enter that mode.

I think all MMJC students need a reminder to take care of themselves. To step back and realize that they can (and will) submit work that doesn’t meet their standards. To recognize that that is okay too. It’s okay to take a break, for the sake of your mental health.

Everyone approaches their workload differently and employs different coping strategies. I rely heavily on to-do lists, whiteboards and calendars. And when I fall behind on my seemingly never-ending lists (which is often, unfortunately, as I am a serial procrastinator), I lean on my support system to calm me down, give me productive feedback and sometimes distract me.

This may or may not work for you.

March is the last full month of our semester, and when all our final projects are due. Take some time to sit down and think about some possible time management strategies and compose an attack plan.

The student council’s second Wellness Week is coming up, so hopefully meditating during lunch, spreading kindness and eating free food together will help us all get through the month. Or, at least get us to check in with ourselves about our mental health.

In March, the Mastermind team is looking to highlight mental health. Be it stress management, mental wellness or school work strategies, we’re hoping to shine a light on mental health issues our students have faced, are facing or may face.

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