By: Hayley Tubrett

During a global crisis, the future may seem uncertain. Personally, I don’t know what I’ll be doing this summer. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to find a job and pay off my student loan anytime soon. 

Because of all this, it’s difficult to look to the future and find some concrete hope. It may seem as though life has come to a full stop.  

At the same time, this is an opportunity to move forward in other areas of your life. There must be something you’ve always wanted to do or learn, but have been too busy to try it yet. Maybe it’s reading a certain book, or learning to play a song on the piano, or learning to do a handstand. Whatever it is, now is your chance to do it. 

I believe it’s all about flipping your mindset. Sure, you’re probably used to a busy life where you maybe don’t even have time to eat lunch every day. It’s difficult to slow down. But slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean stopping progress. Think about what you can accomplish within your own home. Flip your mindset. Believe that this crisis enables you to be productive in a new and different way. 

I think this is what they call a silver lining.

Of course—it’s scary not knowing when this crisis will end and when your life will go back to a semblance of normal. It’s also scary not knowing if your life will be different once this is all over.   

But let’s embrace it. Let’s embrace not knowing where we might be in a week, month or year. 

There’s a line from the musical If/Then, that goes, “you learn to love the not–knowing, so here I go.”  

Let’s all jump into the unknown together.

In April, the Mastermind team is looking to the future. MMJC students may be going off into the workforce, or they may be dealing with internship cancellations and uncertainty. We want to talk about how the world’s current state is affecting your plans and what the future might look like.

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