Jocelyn’s Triumph

By Nicholas Sokic and Michael Marti Western student Jocelyn McGlynn contracted a rare form of leukemia and the community rallied, organizing a successful stem cell drive.


By Jordan Heuvelmans Paradise was on Kelsey’s mind whenever she flew to Belize for a year abroad. Yet, she soon found herself falling for more than the beauty of the tropical country.


By Elan Gardner I sympathize with this year’s Oscar nominees. Jimmy Kimmel butchered so many names at the ceremony, I could’ve played a drinking game. This year’s Oscars host was Jimmy Kimmel. Aside from being a traditional comedic host, Kimmel made a series of insensitive comments that devalued people’s names. First, he started the night…

St. Mary’s Public Library

By Christina Donati This is a promotional video for the St. Marys Public Library. The key message is to demonstrate how reading a book takes you on an adventure, and that adventure begins at the St. Marys Public Library.


By Paige Martin Post-secondary schools dedicate a significant amount of time and resources towards their scouting and recruitment programs. The incentives for young Canadian athletes can be very attractive, but how much pressure does this place upon them? Find out why this first year Western student decided to walk away from his football scholarship.