Dancing the Night Away: Londoners Celebrate 2nd Annual Senior’s Prom

Video story by Megan King Last fall, MMJC student Megan King created a journalism video story about the rising population of older adults in London and the city’s initiatives to keep them active and involved in the community.  Follow the story of Ivonne Coleman as she takes advantage of the Senior’s Prom event by Changemakers…

Jocelyn’s Triumph

By Nicholas Sokic and Michael Marti Western student Jocelyn McGlynn contracted a rare form of leukemia and the community rallied, organizing a successful stem cell drive.

St. Mary’s Public Library

By Christina Donati This is a promotional video for the St. Marys Public Library. The key message is to demonstrate how reading a book takes you on an adventure, and that adventure begins at the St. Marys Public Library.